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Tairare Block is named for the native tree that once was found all over Northland, New Zealand. Our logo represents the native wood pigeon, the Kereru, it is the only bird large enough to spread the seeds from the Taraire Tree.

30 year old port This port has been matured in Totara barrels and is well structured with multiple layers of flavor and a very rich nose. It is medium sweet and compliments any desert or cheese board, it is diverse enough to accompany any course and could be enjoyed on its own. Price:
$55 per 500ml bottle
20 year old port

Made from Seibel grape and aged in Totara barrels.  A well structured port. It has a fragrant nose and the palate has layers of flavour with plenty of plum and fruit. Excellent drinking now or laying down for the future

$28.00 per bottle
$25.00 per bottle for purchases of 2 bottles or more
Chooks Away - Sherry

The Sherry has been aged in Totara Barrels and is approx. 15 years old.  Made from the palomino grape in a traditional spainish style, aged under a layer of flor yeast, with a fresh, zesty liveliness and aromas with chamomile notes.

Available as a dry, medium or sweet.  All are excellent for both drinking and cooking with.

It is called Chooks Away as the winery was a chicken farm prior to it being a full time vineyard and winery, and now they've flown the coop.

$10.00 375ml bottle
Minimum order 2



Minimum of 2 bottles for purchase online, to buy wine please email wine@taraireblock.co.nz

Delivery charges.  Based on 6 or 12 bottles, for all other quantities please enquire - $5.00 local Bay of Islands.  $8.00 North Island.  $20 South Island